Tuesday, January 25, 2011

money money money.....MONEY

I'm probably going to skip around alot on the blog, that's just how my mind works.  One day that I'm working on the computer I'm going to write down all the different sites I go to, things I search for.  I think that might prove I have ADD. :P

So our family doesn't really have a financial policy let alone a finacial plan.  We live on the pay as you go program.  Pay whatever has to be paid that payday to avoid shutoff or repo.  Whatever is left over is fun money!  Jeez, just writing that makes me feel so irresponsible and stupid.  Especially being in my 30's.  The reality is that me and DH are mid to late 30's and between us only have about $3500 in a 401k, no emergency fund and live paycheck to paycheck.  Our credit is shot, simply because we don't pay our bills, even though we are able to (for the most part).  It's really scary and I know it has to change, especially in the next couple of months.  We have a HUGE tax bill due by the end of March.  It must be paid, we have no one we can borrow the money from and there's no way to get around it.  We figured it out last payday and half of our pay needs to go to that bill in order to be paid off including putting a couple of large payments we will be getting toward this debt.

We got the one large payment today and it's half gone, nothing paid on the tax bill.  Granted, it went toward bills that had to be paid and were in shut off status.  But still, I know we're shooting ourselves in the foot being so irresponsible.  So I guess the point of this post is that I am finally realizing there is a serious problem here that I can not procrastinate on until March.  We need to get moving NOW to pay as much as we can on this bill so come the end of March we only owe a few hundred dollars.  I need to get busy this week on ebay and craigslist- I think that will alleviate some of the pressure too.  Check out the website for two of the financial blogs I follow and a link to a guru that I think has great advice which I'm waiting to follow.   I'll try to figure out the sidebar thingy to start a countdown, I love watching it go down on another blog I read! www.12in2011.com

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