Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See how bad my procrastination is?

It's part procrastination and part my perfectionism (which I hardly ever achieve!).  I got the grand idea of 12 in 2011 in December.  Here it is four weeks later and I'm just now making my first post.  I didn't want to do anything until I had everything perfect and exactly how I wanted it.  Well, that's what always gets me in trouble!

I always think I need this grand master plan charting all the steps for me to get to my goals.  In theory that is good, but the first time I step off my charted path I get frustrated and give up!  I originally wanted to make the 12 in 2011 all about making 12 small changes that I keep doing all year long.  Then I wrote down my resolutions and realized there are a couple big ones that I really want to accomplish, so maybe I should make it 12 big resolutions that I aim to conquer this year.

My decision is hopefully the new way of thinking for me.  I'm making a compromise that doesn't seem perfect, but that I think is actually doable.  So there are some small things that I'm going to try to do consistently throughout the year.  And there are some big resolutions I am going to work towards achieving.  If I complete 12 things total in both of those categories, I think I will be happy!  So this is my first step in getting away from the all or nothing way of thinking.  I am going to work on changing the way I live to have a better life for me and my family.  So hopefully this blog will follow my successes, failures, inspirations and just randomness that goes on in my head!  I look forward to 2011, can't wait to see all that it holds.

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