Monday, January 24, 2011

Progress has been made!

I meant to do a post earlier like on Sunday but I couldn't find where I wrote down my password and didn't want to hassle with the whole password reset right then.  Yet another example of the need for organization!

So Saturday I ran errands and worked on the bedroom.  I got everything we didn't need out of the room which included a lazy boy recliner (don't ask).  I rearranged the room too so we could have room for the exercise bike and floor room to do exercise videos.  I even put clean sheets on the bed and made it up just for the hubby. 

Sunday is my off day where I don't have to work or do anything so I started working on the living room.  I got half of it cleaned out and the half remaining is  25% clothes that I have to sort through to pitch or sell at a consignment sale in March.  The other 25% is DH's collection of speakers and electronics.  I moved just a few things to the storage room and they were bigger things so nothing I really have to sort through.  So far the only things in my triage area are items to sell and things that I need to store, so that's good!  Now that the week has started I won't really be able to get anything done.  So that's the update for now! 

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